Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza massacre


قلم said...

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Unknown said...

Hi Maysaloon

I came across your blog and liked it. The pictures of Gaza carnage are extremely disturbing. My condolences and sympathies with all those who lost their near and dear ones. Hope the killings stop immediately.

Take Care

Manish (from India)

PS: I shall blogroll you.

Lirun said...

wassim.. i know you hate me..

i dont want palestinians to die any more than you do..

this is a herrendous state of affairs..

the only solution is peace and as soon as you and your friends understand this we will all be better off..

i linked your post because i think people should be aware of the extent of the devestation and carnage.. i would normally never allow such photos to be associated with my blog but i think it needs to happen.. and i think people should be aware of your views.. they form a vital part of the political mix in which we are all embroiled..

qunfuz said...

'you and your friends' he says. Lirun, how long are you going to keep up the charade of being a peace lover?

But you're not worth talking to.

Lirun said...


stay in london..

qunfuz said...

don't tell me where to stay you thieving murderous piece of zionist refuse. who do you think to tell people where to stay, you who herds them out of their land into refugee camps and then murders them for decades. I wish upon you Israel's future.

Get out of Palestine. To the extent that you are Palestinian, through your grandmother, you are a traitor. Otherwise, you are a murdering pillaging invader.

qunfuz said...

damn I want to hit him.

He talks like a man, telling people where to stay. If he wants to meet real men, I suggest he goes to Gaza.

Dubai Jazz said...


You really think linking to those photos absolves you from responsibility?

You're happy you've dome something great and humanistic?

And what peace are you talking about?

You, the collective Israeli public, don't want peace. You can't even stand the idea of an independent Palestinian state next door.

You're a bunch of psychopathic, compulsive and arrogant killers who get off by slaughtering people, and who can't feel safe until they bath in blood up to their knees.

That's your version of peace; you may stick it where it fits as far as I am concerned.

Lirun said...

qunfuz and dj

so brave are you words..

qunfuz - you want to hit me? haha so tough behind a computer screen.. shut up child..

dubai jazz..

not impressed.. you've read my comments for so long and you still dont bother to explore my opinions instead choosing to vomit on me all of your propaganda soaken mind.. i do want an independent palestinian state.. a strong proud and viable one at that.. and ultimately i would like a federation with that state whereby people can move freely and who knows one day maybe even become cantons of the same country..

we are suffering short sitedness in israel at the moment.. very poor vision.. we share that with our neighbours who also cant see too well..

instead of realising our similarities we feast on our differences.. and now bask in the misery of a blood drenched bath of hatred where in some psychotic frenzy everyone is racing the other to the grave..

being only a few kms away from it all i can tell you that it is very sad stuff.. speaking to people about it most of the day i can also tell you that a lot of people here (jewish israelis) feel this way.. and it is out of a perceived lack of options rather than choice that the public sees this option as relevant.. its not a preference..

we dont celebrate our dead as martyrs.. there is no glory for us in dying.. we much prefer to live.. this is not a cynical remark.. its true..

i attended a gathering with arabs and jews yesterday (not to seek forgiveness but) to join forces with people who like me believe that there is a real alternative out there which is to live together in peace.. i didnt post the photos to appease you.. you are not personally important to me.. unlike the 1400 years preceeding the establishment of the state of israel i am now not your dimmi and dont need to bow down to you..

dj - i post on the uae blog not to incite but merely to learn.. i have been posting on this blog to reach out and show a perspective..

and even if at times it comes across with heat - its in context..

in other instances i have made friends.. here it seems impossible to do so.. and yet i still think you should at least know that there is a view different to yours and wassim's for that matter out there..

as to where you like things "stuck" what you do in your personal time is none of my business.. i wont judge you for it..

qunfuz to my mind should change nickname to confused walla ana ma bahibak..

and yet wishing us all peace - genuinely (whether or not you believe it) including confused

MJ said...

First of all my God have mercy on these martyrs and grant them the highest heavens.

Can I contribute two points in regards to what Lirun said:

1- Palestinians and arabs have been calling for a one state since the beginning of all of this and for the past 60 years. It was the Zionist plan that wanted a separate state for 'Jews'.

2- Ahlu al dhima or what you referred to as being dimmi didn't bow down to muslims. If you want to educate yourself and if maysaloon does not mind here is a link that explains how muslims treated dhimmi's during the second caliphate of Umar.

Lirun said...

hi jabi

we were massacred and boycotted while they called for this one state..

i am happy to read sources about muslim treatment of dhimma or dimmi - its pronounced differently in different places.. but my family hailed from some of these countries and i know people from these countries that have given me accounts of what their parents did to us.. i live with sources..

sure there were some nicer times and some worse times and some people thought of us as friends.. but on the whole we had to submit and the synagogue had to always be less tall than the nearest neighbouring mosque..

a sharia legislated tall poppy syndrom if you will..

implemented in the modern arab society by the fallic architecture of the united arab emirates..

in any event - that era is over.. we were ethnically cleansed from your lands and so now the only relevant synagogues are those in israel..

MJ said...

please man stop your lies. we are not a bunch of western people who know nothing about the middle east and its history. We are not Europeans who occupied a land unfairly and are looking for excuses to put the blame on someone else for the atrocities that you have created in order to stay on that land.
All this propaganda that the zionists have used for such a long time to win the sympathy of western states does not work here..
And finally if you were really a man of intelligence you wouldn't force yourself to believe in something that is not true.

Lirun said...


when you talk to me - dont stare in the mirror.. turn around and face me and what i have to say..

you may be goodlooking but this cant be just about you..

Richard said...

What`s the real renson of this war?
For the suicide bombs,or Qassam?
Who used them first?

Palestinian people,No matter what happens, I will take your side.

Your a friend
From China

SIAM165 said...

In Jerusalem
(A poem of Firasah Love and call to ALL the righteous of the world, on behalf of ALL my brothers and sisters now dispossessed, dying, and suffering in Palestine; and on behalf of the memory and honor of the great heroic writer and academic who spent his life struggling for the Palestinian cause - Edward Said, Nov 1, 1935 - Sept 25, 2003)

i will die in Jerusalem on a day,
neither cold nor hot,
a day told of, long, long ago,
before the Ark of Noah, Alaihi-Salam,
was built to float, and rest upon the top of Mount Judi
the place of my birth is also the place of my death,
the origin is always in the end; ask Jesus, Alaihi-Salam,
or our Holy Prophet Muhammad, Sall’Allahu Alaihi was Salam,
their lives can tell you more of this than i,
but our ending is always in our beginning,
and our beginning is always in our end;
all things begin and all things must end - in Jerusalem.
i will die in the streets of Jerusalem,
on a day of joy amidst weeping,
wailing, and great lamentation,
an aftermath to mad, but loving,
and yet, joyous, poetical prophesying,
though IAM no Prophet Alaihi-Salam, just another poet,
walking in the footsteps of the Prophets Alaihi-Salam,
who all went completely mad on behalf of the establishment
of righteousness in the midst of unrighteousness, and
justice in the midst of injustice;
you and my brothers will see -
because this earth and all flesh shall see it together,
yet, IAM but ONE of TWO,
that shall dance their MAD dance in the streets of
Jerusalem together,
on behalf of the
of their brothers’ suffering,
the ONENESS of their brothers’ needs -
all my brothers in the great land of Palestine,
all my brothers and sisters who are dying in the great land of Palestine,
all my brothers who need me and you in the great land of Palestine,
all my brothers and sisters waiting on you and me, in the great land of Palestine;
my brothers near the Gaza Strip,
my brothers in Shiloh, Suba, Kakun, Jafa, and Akka,
my brothers who had thirty-two of their houses destroyed by bulldozers in the Rafa Refugee camp,
my brothers who are forced to walk a thin green line that leads to extermination, nullification, and more death,
all my brothers struggling to survive all over the Western Bank,
all my brothers in Jericho and Bethlehem,
all my brothers incarcerated in ghettos, jails, and prisons,
all my brothers who are being tortured daily,
my brothers who are being missiled in their sleep,
my brothers who are being bombed in their awake,
my brothers who are being machine-gunned down,
my brothers who are being run out of town,
all my brothers toward whom the Israelis act demon possessed - and do not care for or caress,
all my brothers who one day have a place to live - and the next day are dispossessed,
all my brothers who have lost their wives and their children,
all my brothers who have lost their arms and their legs,
my brothers who have been blinded,
my brothers who have been castrated,
my brothers who have been beheaded,
my brothers who are flame torched and maimed,
all my brothers who have been denied and disclaimed,
all my brothers who have lost their homes and their beds,
all my brothers who are beaten, shot in the back - in the head, and often left alone for dead,
all my brothers who are being made to fear and quake - all because of an unjust Israeli State.
my wondrous and marvelous friend -
Reality Call from NEW Berlin writes to me and reveals,
that you have been Gangrened of Jewish Settlements -
the body of your nucleus cut off and discarded forever,
entire families with the young, elderly, and invalid,
literally burned and buried alive beneath the weight of overturned rubble
in brick and mortar - crying, hurting, needing, bleeding, dying,
an atrocity multiplied to the trillionth monstrosity,
a scientific equation of devastation that even Albert Einstein
or Dr. Frankenstein could not, and would not speculate to calculate,
an existential hypothesis of Salvador Dalied proportional distortion,
of politicalized exterminational surrealism in 3-D’d amplification application,
of alien domination, an abomination of horrified occupation,
where hundreds of your villages have been knocked completely off the face of the earth,
to be replaced by a distorted Jewish face and race of immanent domain and foul disgrace,
a policy of imperialistic expansion of manifest destiny without any right
of justice or equality for Your People’s Spirit, wrapped in sacred fragility of flesh, bone, and blood,
your dwellings taken away in a single day or blown away in a solitary night of catastrophic fright -
cities like Nahlal arising in the place Mahlul,
Kibbutz Gvat arising in the place Jibta,
Kibbutz Sarid arising in the place of Huneifis,
and Kefar Yehushu’a arising in the place of Tal al-Shuman

nerve gas used on demonstrators in Gaza,
and water poisoning of those at the siege of Acre.
but it was you my brothers, who laid foundation, and built and beautified the original land;
you are the heart and soul of the land and without you,
the great land of Palestine has no heart and has no soul;
because you are the salt of this land and you are it’s gold.

Shamir, my beloved Ustad, teaches me,
that in your veins run the blood of ancient Aegean warriors,
and that it was you who fought bravely on the plains of Karameh,
that you are the poetry of Mahmud Darwish, the wisdom of Edward Said,
and my Ustad says, there would be no Bible if there were no you,
no Star of Ghassul, or Castles of Monfort, and Belvoir too,
no Mount Carmel Monastery, no churches of the Holy Sepulchre and Nativity,
no temples of Jerusalem and Mount Gerizim by necessity,
no harbors of Ceasarea Philippi, no Mosques of Haram As-Sharif,
and no Judas to become the biblical thief,
and no disciple of Jesus, Alaihi ‘Salam, to wash his feet.
you are the perfection of Palestine’s wondrous Olive Oil,
the first disciples who helped Jesus, Alaihi ‘Salam, deliver his sermon on the Mount,
the great warriors, who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte,
and without you, the palaces of Jericho and Samaria today would not be art.
yes, it was you my brothers who built and beautified the land,
and now the world must come to help you make and take a stand,
an Intifada call, an Intifada wall of resistance, a greater Intifada resurrection,
of persistence - merciful, peaceful, and sincere assistance on behalf of every Palestinian woman,
boy, girl, and man - and we can, if we will but recognize as an entire WORLD view,
what is right, what is tight, what is just, and what is true,
but you can forget about the support of most evangelical Christians,
because they act as though they’ve never heard of you, let alone - loving you?!
mine is an end time, apocalyptic call - to brothers who love righteousness ALL -
over Palestine, Africa, and Holy Mecca - in Medina, London, and France - in Belgium, in India, Canada,
and in the Americas North and South;
my Rastafarian brothers who love righteousness in The West Indies,
my brothers who love righteousness in Saint Martin, Saint Croix, and Martinique,
my brothers who love righteousness in Barbados and Spain,
my brothers who love righteousness in Scotland, Great Britain, and the South of Wales,
all my brothers who love righteousness in the North - in Russia, Poland, and Afghanistan,
all my brothers who love righteousness in Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, and Karbala,
all brothers who love righteousness in Sultan Bahu’s Pakistan,
all my brothers who love righteousness in Saint Jilan’s once, emerald City of Baghdad,
my brothers who love righteousness throughout the entire Sudan,
my brothers who love righteousness in The South - called Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam,
my brothers who love righteousness in communist China and Japan,
my brothers who love righteousness in Saint Touba’s Holy land,
all my brothers who love righteousness in The Gambia and in Senegal,
all my brothers who love righteousness in Nigeria, and Shaka Zulu’s Swaziland,
all my brothers who love righteousness in Switzerland and in the Mountains of Tibet,
all my brothers who love righteousness here, throughout the rest of the EARTH, and
my brothers throughout the world, who hate injustice and unrighteousness in the great land of Palestine,
will all flank my perimeters,
whose base is wide,
whose height is infinite,
whose CapStone is -
but it will be too late,
because no appointment or date,
had been made or set,
to say good-byes before i left.
the station and estate will have changed by then,
and i will be flying further east,
apart from them, never, ever to return...
but i was there when they most needed me,
wrapped in purple, green, and gold mantles, of faith, and sincerity,
and yet i dreamed of no foreboding Martyrdom,
and i did not beat the drums of Lebanon,
or drink water at Aynou Rahmati’s Well of Mercy,
where Simba lives, and Mammadou gives, a children’s song unselfishly,
where the Angel’s visit i did receive, in wonder, awe, and sanctity,
or Saint Jilan adopting me as his beloved son out of graciousness and courtesy,
or Saint Touba’s self made shoes, i did with haste and not misuse -
hold, lick, and taste, in the Majestic House of Darr-ul-Quddus,
or at Serigne Saliou’s feet, a gift to me - i did advance - the miraculous mystic alchemedic sub-stance,
or smiled at, laughed with, and Ziarra’ed - by Serigne Afia when he called me M’Backe
and made me benediction of Shaikh - i did but tremble, and should not break, or take -
except to now dance, and romance, in exalted tranced ecstasy,
on behalf of my brothers being set completely free,
to return and rebuild their homes in Palestine finally,
without bulldozers or armored tanks,
or gun shots fired or heard ever again on the Western Bank.
Yes, i will die in Jerusalem city,
not unbecoming, but a becoming - willingly;
on a street paved in pure gold,
among the young, the destitute, and the old,
who still have passion for ALLAH’s COME passion;
who have been mercified by The Mercifier of ALL,
i will die in the City of Jerusalem,
pouring - THROWING! buckets of my brother’s blood, sweat, and tears,
upon The Wailing Wall, standing and smiling in front of The Dome of The Rock,
for the whole world will recognize IAM the ticking clock,
with Nuclear Light Rays passing through and from me,
bursting and spreading forth everywhere endlessly,
leaving my image indelibly etched like a photo negative,
my life image positively reversed,
anthologized for all time,
on the window pains of my Palestinian brother’s street vending shops,
that had been bombed, toppled over, disarranged, and flattened to the ground,
as well as on the widows of houses in Ramalah, Samaria, Qumran, Janin,
and elsewhere, like, in the thought and hearts of men forever,
throughout the Nations, and on TeleVision Stations,
like CNN, NBC, ABC, and, Al-Jazeera,
who witnessed by satellite coverage, my flash, and my dash,
infinitely long, and secured by the promise of Him
who made all mankind to be in love and free,
without hate, without distasteful bitterness, of corrupted bile,
of a River Nile, rapidly running through the veins of diseased hearts,
it’s flowing waters turned red with the blood of death, hypocrisy, and destruction,
because they would not conform, or reform,
to the commands of the Divine decree - to see that all men be made free
The Poet’s Holy Lamenting Cry!
a litany of Holiness in demise of the unjust, the evil, and the unwise,
a litany of Holiness in song and deliverance for those who cannot sing,
a litany of Holiness in prayer only the wretched of the earth can know and bring
a litany of Holiness against all that is unHoliness i bleed,
a litany of Holiness for the Holy of Holiness that all mankind deeply doth need,
a litany of Holiness the poet shouts to the Holy mountains, the Holy heavens, the Holy earth, and its Holy seas,
a litany of Holiness resounding, abounding, astounding echo penetrating all Holy deaf ears,
a litany of Holiness in grief to waves of spectromatic unbelief on behalf of a billion Holy weeping tears,
a litany of Holiness for the praise of Holiness to come for a thousand Holy of Holy years
Holy! Holy! Holy! against all that is unHoly!
Holy! Holy! Holy! against the purity that is impurity and unHoly!
Holy! Holy! Holy! against the denial of the Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for the yearning of the Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for the return of the Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for those who live to make unHoly clean and Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for those who die to bring presence of the Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for the unafraid to declare and become the just and the Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for all that is perfect and righteously everlastingly Holy!
Holy! Holy! Holy! for to be all Men, Jinn, and Angels more Holy of - THE HOLY!
Here in the Jerusalem, the City of Peace, i die;
i die when the Sun is once again in Sagittarius,
and the Moon is eclipsed in the sign of Pisces,
while finding release, and relief, of affectatious reflections,
in the eyes of my brothers souls,
as theirs meet mine for comfort and consolation,
thousands of them, now, waiting for relief, across the seas,
to give me their Salams, and other greetings of Peace.
Yes, i will gladly die in the City of Jerusalem,
and because of King Solomon’s, Alaihi-Salam, rewarding Song of Songs,
IAM the song of luminous martyred choirs singing on the Western Bank,
a Holy, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Acapella of,
God is not through with me yet!
because all musical instruments have been destroyed and set on fire there,
schools blown apart and pulverized into an
aggravated and intensified Cloud of Unknowing there,
and all school children’s books have been burned to a crisp there,
on heaps, too steep to climb, to put out the flames there,
and save them while they were still clasped tight in
the little children’s hands there,
before they cried, and died in pain there,
children and adult teachers who had been raped there,
and murdered on their land a million times by the millions there,
where a zillion tears have been shed there,
under a cloudy sky near Megiddo, or the city of Herodium, or Bethel, or Hebron,
when a nightmare of hell broke loose upon my brothers,
when i died in the Holy City of Jerusalem,
my face turned toward,
the Resplendent Light!

An excerpt taken from Rain of Grace, New & Selected Poems by SIAM