Thursday, November 06, 2008

Political Hashish

America's mask is back on and Americanists the world over are breathing a sigh of relief. Those of them in the Arab world have had a particularly difficult time over the last eight years. Whilst they have had plenty of years experience becoming apologists for the murder of Palestinians (nobody cares about these anymore), the genocide in Iraq was a much harder pill to swallow and many felt compelled to publicly criticise the United States - an unthinkable act during the Clinton years. But what has changed in reality with the election of Obama? Nothing, and these Americanists will concede this. Article after article, many say how wonderful he will be and how historic his election is. They then proceed to add the caveat that, in reality, little will change concerning America's position with regards to Israel, the Arabs and Iraq. But that isn't the point. They then proceed to tell you that this is irrelevant, because his election means "change" has come, Americana is back and we can all feel good about it again. So all that has happened is that America has made people 'feel good' again, so that they stop caring about what it really does, since nothing will change in the Middle East on their own admittance. After eight years of reality, responsibility, guilt and shame, the United States' apologists can now sit back and take a drag of premium Americana hashish. Relax, everything is going to be ok.


La Luz said...

Spectacular post Wassim. Thank you.

Maysaloon said...

:) thanks La Mora, it's great to keep hearing from you!

Lirun said...

i think u could do with some hashish..

Jillian said...

So hard to hear but so true. I want to believe that this means something and it does, but although my healthcare might improve and I may end up with a bit more money in my pocket, and perhaps a few more non-white Americans will get elected to local office, the things nearest and dearest to my heart are not going to change and that makes me so angry.

boxthejack said...

Good post.

We should at least set a to do list against which you can quantify his success/failure. How about:

1. Guantanamo closed.
2. Definitive repudiation of Bush's torture concessions.
3. Substantive penalties for Israeli settlement expansion.
4. Talking to Hamas as elected reps of Palestinian people.
5. Withdrawal from Iraq.

There are of course loads more, but any one of these would be an improvement on the nightmare of Bush, don't you think?