Thursday, September 04, 2008

"This country is seriously booming," says one of a group of young women in western clothes. "Everyone dresses up, the places are new, the roads are clean. We are not going to be third world for the rest of our life."

Lena Sinjab doesn't always write about Syrian intellectuals. Here she has found a group of women dressed "in western clothes". Can you believe it? In Syria? I called my mother to see if this could be true and she laughed and said "of course!". It seems that only yesterday my brother came home with his first pair of jeans. We slaughtered a sheep that night and there was much rejoicing.


qunfuz said...

I like the caption to a photo in the BBC piece: "the setting is Syrian but the product line caters for other tastes." Surely this is the true path to development and progress, to make a new Syria which caters for non-Syrian tastes! At last I see a way for us to become civilised! Hallelujah!

Maysaloon said...

Qunfuz have you noticed the steady liberalisation of Syria and what do you think about that? I want to do some research and write about this and thought maybe we can collaborate on something? Maybe start a webcircle of Syrians with an alternative take on what is happening there?

Sharks said...

\\\"We slaughtered a sheep that night and there was much rejoicing.\\\" lol to that...will somebody please tell my dad that jeans is not just for mechanics n\\\' factory workers :D
u differently get the impression that things r different\\\'s like ppl. got rid of the \\\"BLATA\\\" n\\\' dug all the money out though i doubt that all this \\\"dressin\\\' up\\\" n\\\' new places will get us out of this third world stigma :)

my_other_self said...

Hi, I actually opened an account just to comment on your blog.
I am very impressed by your style and content. Your words make me think and I find myself wanting to reread something just for the pleasure of rereading it.
"To realise through fasting that the trappings of wealth are prisons rather than freedom gives the 'poor' dignity and the 'rich' humility."
Keep up the great work and thanks for stimulating my usually dormant brain.