Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Obama

Americanism always fills me with disgust and watching the Democratic convention was no different an experience. Barack Obama is being foisted upon the world as that 'fresh change' which we have all been waiting for but I just see more of the same. What is striking about U.S. presidential campaigns and conventions is how heavily choreographed and controlled these environments are. Everything from the stage, the props, the songs played, the suits he would wear and of course, who could forget that all important dreamy speech? I listened to what he is saying, he is making the right noises, grunts and postures but he is saying nothing whilst talking about everything. This man, and others like him, are nothing more than the travelling American salesman who has the medicine or product that does everything for everyone. As we say in Syria, he can sell you sand in the desert. Like everything and everyone else in that country, he is a phony and America is just as dangerous to the world under his rule as it was under any of his murderous predecessors. These men are just the fruit of what is a very corrupt and sick tree.


Steve said...

"Everything and everyone"? That's the kind of dehumanizing statement about another people that makes it possible for people like Bush to go to war and justify the deaths of children and other innocents. That attitude may be less destructive your hands than his, but it's no less abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

Political speeches are always like that. It's just theater without much literary sense.

Unfortunately for the Middle East, I think Obama could make some changes on the domestic front for the better, but I doubt he'll drastically improve American foreign policy.

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Lirun said...

written like a true serial pessimist..

personally i hope he does bring change.. enough to instil more trust in the USA which is totally stripped of the world's respect right now.. such that they will be able to play a meaningful part in a true and just peace process in our region..

sadly there are no other viable guarantors..

Lukas said...

Honestly, Lirun, any real change he brings will be on the domestic front. He already is following in the footsteps of his predecessors in regards to the Middle nay, I don't think so.

Lirun said...

where do i get a chrystal ball like yours.. i have been craving to see the future all week..