Friday, July 25, 2008

The three Syrians were expecting to be speaking in front of AIPAC. Sami Moubayad, Samir Seifan and Samir al Taqi were willing to go speak to Zionists. This is not a breakdown of tabboos, this is not groundbreaking, this is unacceptable. This is what we can expect from Syria's neo-bourgeoisie.


Anonymous said...

سلامات وسيم
سؤال بس؟ ليش بحق للنظام السوري انو يعلن مفاوضات غير مياشرة مع اسرائيل, وما بيحق لسامي و سامي و سمير انو يطلعوا يعرضوا وجهة نظر؟
انا مو دفاعا عنهم انا دفاعا عن فكر بس. صدقني!!!!
عرفتي شو قصدي اخي وسيم

بعدين هدول مو برجوازيين جدد البرجوازيين الجدد هم اصحاب شركات الموبايل و الشركات الكبيرة بسوريا, عرفت قصدي مين

طبعا ما حدا بيحقلو يتجاوز الشعب السوري و يحكي مع الصهاينة بس خلينا ننتقد الكل
هاي نقطتي بس


Nour said...


These self-proclaimed intellectuals have no will to struggle for the betterment of their country. They want everything to come the easy way, and the easy way is to prostrate themselves before the US and Zionists. They represent everything that is decadent in our so-called "intellectual" class. When the likes of Sami Moubayed belittle the acts of heroes such as Sanaa Mahaidly and Dalal Moughrabi, and then go to the Saban Center in the US to beg Zionists and Americans to treat Syria as a good pet, you can clearly see the direction of these people. I would rather be spared their lousy "intellect".

Lirun said...


you have been spared intellect..