Monday, July 28, 2008

There is one thing which perfectly sums up the psychologically disturbed state of the Arab bourgeoisie and that is the phenomenon of plastic surgery. Not only do they wish to live like people in the West but they are desperate to look like them as well. That was one of my pet peeves when I went back to Syria, that and having to look up how to spell bourgeoisie everytime I need to use it in a post.


Lirun said...

i think its stupid too..

arab beauty is distinct and at its best is amazing.. i see no reason to emulate caucasion looks.. it quite comes out right either..

مترجم سوري said...

look like who? you mean people in the West look like this photo?:D

ya zelemeh i believe no one was born to look like this, not in the WEst not in the EAst. it's the shape of the woman body which the biggest fashion houses have decided on in our age.. y3ni even ppl in the west are crazy about doing plastic surgeries to look like this this!