Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Apparently "I'm American!" is supposed to mean something

...but I haven't quite worked out what yet.

The recent attack on the US consulate in Turkey was a stark reminder of the arrogance and disdain that America holds towards 'non-American' lives. As usual it is local individuals who are, once properly vetted and cleared, placed in front of the cannon to bear the brunt of any attacks. American personnel are held to be sacred, protected and hidden away. A similar mode of thought holds true for British and particularly Israeli personnel. A local is to jump through countless hoops and holes until they are graciously allowed into the presence of an American where, awe-struck, they are to convince this haughty and arrogant gatekeeper of how much they love America, in order to obtain a green card to the land of (somebody elses) opportunity.

This tactic does not surprise me in the slightest as it is quite common in whichever land this despicable country interferes with and in fact I'd be surprised if it did not take place. Wherever the American goes they know they are not welcome, resented and alien. Not withstanding their country's grotesque ideology (a fascism concealed behind sophisticated wizardry, smoke and mirrors) they are also aggressors and occupiers. That many choose to deal with them accordingly is not as surprising as the number of people seduced or coerced into working for this arrogant and racist nation.

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جبهة التهييس الشعبية said...

it seems that our governments do not care about us