Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some thoughts...

I can't seem to write anything...there is so much happening and I can't seem to take it in at once. Coursework deadlines are looming and a subject which isn't really related to politics pull me away from trying to think, to analyse and to reflect. Surprisingly, I always find time for my Oud practice, which has now become a sort of escape from everything else. Can't study? Play some Oud. Can't write anything? Strum a few difficult tunes to make those fingers practice. Someone annoy me? Life too fast? Slow it right down with some Oud.

Philosophy is really clouding my thoughts. Strangely, I can't really relate with a lot of other Arab students I've met here who mostly like to jump straight into continental philosophy. I've started with Greek Philosophy and intend to carry on with Arabic philosophy. I read, I think I understand, yet if we sit and talk, I don't feel I can tell anybody except vaguely what the issues I'm tackling are. The subject is so vast and the works so condensed with meaning that I've only really dipped my toes in it. Still, studying this course has given me a useful frame of reference and should help me as I read philosophical texts in the future. Logic started off as a nightmare but it's actually quite straightforward and dare I say it, a little enjoyable. Two essays due in a few weeks and I haven't written word. Very bad.

8 things someone should do before they are eighteen, in no particular order. (For Abu Kareem)

  1. Understand the Quran/Bible (insert whichever religous text you derive your ethics from)
  2. Know yourself
  3. Master your language
  4. Learn music and mathematics
  5. Learn patience
  6. Condition themselves to moderation in all aspects of life
  7. Learn to speak less and listen more.
  8. Learn to be humble

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I could ever have understood the Quran or Bible at's a bit of a lifetime mission.
I'm also not sure if I have mastered either language (Arabic or english) and I think that must apply to most people
And mathematics...well the less said about that the better :-)