Saturday, March 15, 2008

Everything is now going to be OK. Mona al Tahawy has decided "I will not leave Islam to the barbarians."


Dubai Jazz said...

whew, I am relieved!

ASDFGHJK said...

ok, beside I always have (too?) the association of a spoiled woman who has this perspective from the vantage(?) point of a rich expat who's definition of free democracy is way to close to free market, she has an important message in the article, best compressed maybe in the sentence:
"I am not so concerned about these others, because the main target of Muslim violence is fellow Muslims in the Muslim world."
This seams something obvious that both sides tend to ignore.
So what is your critic towards this article of hers?

Maysaloon said...

I said a few things on her comments section and perhaps I was a bit harsh, but basically, it seems almost like she wants us to get busy swatting flies and ignore a big fat snake coiled around our feet. She sounds so American in her description and view of events that I really do wonder if she is an "Egyptian inside and out", or just an equivalent of Uncle Tom, maybe Auntie Tomasina?

Do you really think that any of the violence she talks of would exist if there weren't American intelligence services, stooges and soldiers operating throughout the Arab or Islamic world? Ridiculous..