Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From the BBC's website, "When the woman arrived at her new workplace she was made to clean several houses and to nurse two children.
"I was made to work more than an animal can," the former maid said.
"I started at 0600 and finally stopped at midnight. I was only allowed to eat once a day at 1200.
"I was only allowed to take a bath once a week, on Fridays. I was only allowed to sleep by the washing machine." "

I'm sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. and have heard of much worse stories from the Gulf states where immigrant workers are still treated with unbelievable cruelty. I also don't think Jordan is the only country with this problem and most of the "elites" in many Arab countries including Syria now have the "must have" accessory of an Indonesian or Filipino maid. Any self respecting "sit beyt" can now have her very own servant to boss around and feel good about herself. The worse the treatment the more pathetic the person inflicting it really is, and they know they are. They are cruel only because of their own sense of inadequacy and moral bankruptcy.


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

how disgusting they are. i am ashamed to be an arab when i hear about these arabs treating their fellow human beings like that. they should be flogged and jailed for life for that type of abuse. and their maids should be given their wealth in reparation for the abuse she received. and aside from the issue of abuse, why cant people clean up after themselves and their own houses? such pigs.

Dania said...

In Syria, the companies that import those workers abuse them in a heart braking way, but Syrian families as much as I know and saw except for few exceptions don’t mistreat their workers… in fact many of them treat them like their own daughters.
And there are families who are in need for them, not all of them hire one just for showing off.
But I think that Philippians and Indonesian’s Embassy are not paying any effort to watch their citizen’s right.
The companies are abusing human’s right with pride… it is disgusting!