Monday, January 28, 2008

"The Americans provide us with nothing," said one mother who was cradling a child. "They bring us only destruction."


Anonymous said...

Sadly this all too true

annie said...

For them to regret Saddam, it has to be something !
Same as Zionists in Palestine; have brought nothing but misery.

G.Gar said...

For them to regret sadam , it has to be something! LOL

I just love to see those people's demcracy western leftists, who support the Persian terrosists and are drilling and acidfying Iraqis complain about Sddam. Saddam built the most effective indeginous Arab military machine. In 1989, for the first time since 1973 the staregic balance in the middle east was tilted in favour of Arabs.

I shall expalin to the democratic, leftist, pro palestinian, pro Iranian, hip Annie why people in the Arab Iraq miss Saddam.

Iraq had no Iranina gangs killing Arabs, secualrs and anyone who opposes the Iranian occupation of Iraq-sunnis and shiites alike. Iraq was not co-occupied by Iran and the U.S. Iraq had zero illteracy the highest, the best health care system in the middl east, GNP growth in the entire Arab/ Muslim sphere, the best women rights, the best religous freedoms.

What is even more imporatnt is that, it managed to defeat Iran, and forced Khomeini to sip poison in 1988. It managed to check the Irani encroachment into the Arab world. Now we we are all witnessing the terror and the blood and the destruction and the grudge the Iranians are exhibiting in Iraq

annie said...


G.Gar said...

I would really appreciate it, if you took on the solid figures and undeniable facts I presented on Saddam's achievemnts, rather than blurting out arrogant unfounded judgments out of the figments of your colourul imagination


Maysaloon said...

عمر, أنته مش عارف أنه صدام كان عميل أمريكي مثل السادات و مبارك؟ و أنه مصر بقيت تعمل لصالح اسرائيل و امريكا؟

G.Gar said...

Wassim- the effective Iraqi particpation in the 1973 war, after Saddam Hussien "nationalised" oil in 1969 using the money to modernise and induastralise Iraq, boosted Saddam's popularity in Syrian street. People in syria went out to the streets asking for unity with Iraq. Hafez Aaasad had no choice but to ply the reputation of the man who saved both, Syria and Egypt! What is worse, Assad supplied Iranians with Scud Bs in 1985! and supported Iran in its war of aggresion agianst Iraq. I don't know exactly about the sort of propaganda used by Assad to ruin Saddam's image in Syria, yet I expect you to be more critical and more abstracted in your views. Get over the artificial sectarian divisions created by Iran and the U.S.

For Example, I wouldn't mind kissing the feet of Hasan Nasarallh and decalring him my Idol, once he has severed ties with Iran condemning the Irani occupation of Iraq as well as asserting the Arab-Islamic nature of his resistance.