Saturday, October 06, 2007

For those who think Morocco is no longer a part of the Arab world or interested in what happens in the Middle East: "I myself would not buy dates produced by our enemy,"


Hisham said...

Morocco is ruled by a corrupt and unscrupulous elite. There is a word in Morocco for this centuries old political system: it's called the MAKHZEN (the warehouse), headed by the Moroccan king and composed by the economic-military establishment around him. People who strive for the status quo in the country to continue on. They are the ones who decide on matters of foreign relationships. The Makhzen people are conscienceless business man in the most archaic sense of the term: they don't give a damn about the Palestinians, justice, human rights, Arab solidarity, let alone Islam.
Despite the canard about Morocco being the beacon of democracy in the Arab world, things haven't changed from medieval times. People don't have a say on how relations with a Terrorist-Racist-Apartheid State like Israel should be.
Boycotting Israel is an absolutely legitimate and the least thing that one can do against the Zionist State, but let us make something clear here: we're not going to fall into the con that wants the world to believe that Zionism equates Judaism. That's a total hoax! Jewish people are in fact getting more and more vocal against Israeli actions.
I'm sure Wassim that if a genuine democracy existed in Morocco those bloody dates wouldn't have entered Moroccan waters!
If you want to know more about the political system in Morocco read this succinct post of mine (I know... I'm self promoting!), here:

Maysaloon said...

Thanks for that Hisham,
That is one post I will be reading closely! Morocco is moving further and further up my list of countries to visit in the Arab world!