Monday, September 24, 2007

Israel has no right to exist, we have every right to exist

I'm sick of Israel and America, I'm just sick of them. I want them to leave my homeland alone, intellectually, culturally, politically, physically. I want them both out of the Middle East. NOW


julius said...

Since when do Israel and America dominate Syria intellectually, culturally, politically and physically? Actually, I wanted to ask you about what happened inside Syrian during the recent Israeli attack. What was the reaction? Can you write something about it?

Maysaloon said...

My homeland is the entire Arab world Julius :)

As for the attitude in Syria, I think I should mention something soon I guess. Apart from concern that the damage of a war might cause, I've noticed a growing confidence that Syria will give as good as it gets if Israel tries anything this time. I think people are slowly starting to believe in themselves.