Friday, August 17, 2007

When puppets are allowed to speak...

"As expected in the traditionally Pan-Arabist..."

"...beyond the symbolism of their national plight"

"...what about the basic requirements for a decent life?"

"My words in no way exonerate the different Palestinian factions from their responsibility...
no position to ask for their accountability"

An "I love lifer" is allowed a moderate amount of criticism and even a slight recognition of the "national plight" of the Palestinians in Lebanon - I repeat - moderate criticism. Ignored is the "Lebanonese" racism against the Palestinians, Syrians, Muslims and Arabs. They are "Phoenician" after all, according to a French historian who told them so during France's brief 'visit' to Lebanon. Always implicit in the "I love lifers" attitudes is an inherent hatred and bias against anything non-Western, Arab, Palestinian, Islamic and perhaps even non-White. Is it not lovely when racism and surrender find a place in polite conversation?

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Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

"...and perhaps even non-White."

there's no perhaps about it. have you seen how they refer to their foreing domestic servants (slaves), and how they treat them?

ugly hearts = ugly treatment.