Sunday, July 08, 2007

Petra has been appointed one of the new "wonders" of the world. Apparently the Jordanians are overjoyed at this. Truly, they can be as proud of Petra as the Egyptians are proud of the Pyramids or Shah-era Persians over the Persian empire, Lebanon over the Phoenicians or Italians over the Romans, etc. etc.

You see, it doesn't matter if you are a loser now, what matters is that somebody who used to live where you are now did something amazing once and you can now take credit for it..


Puppeteer said...

I found it a nice idea. It is a good step towards more popularizing of some of the World Heritage sites. I agree with most of the choices, except maybe Taj Mahal. It's a good representative monument of the Islamic architecture, but not of Indian architecture as a whole. For example, I favoured much more the election of Angkor temple complex, albeit in Cambodgia, it's a rare jewel of the Hindu architecture.
And hey, better spend money on World Heritage than corporation wars. It's a refreshing thing.

Maysaloon said...

Oh I do think these sites are amazing in and of themselves. I'm just resentful that some people might say "look what we did" and how glorious we were". My only reaction would be to say get out of here man, you didn't do anything and you've been sitting around mooching on somebody else's hard work.

Puppeteer said...

Hey, let them party a bit.