Friday, June 29, 2007

"Security forces fear Baghdad-style tactics in London"

Baghdad style tactics in London? Why is this happening. Actually, why do we call them 'Baghdad style tactics'? Is it because they originate in Baghdad? Has Baghdad always been associated with such tactics? I don't remember reading anything about this before 2003. What could possible be behind all of this? So many questions but nobody is asking them..

"Hand on my heart, I did what I thought was right"

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La Luz said...

In these guys' world, wrong is right and right is wrong. Education is miseducation; media is propaganda; politics is mass destruction.

It was great to find your blog. It's always heartening to know we are the majority, the mainstream, as it were, apart and ignorant of the existence of others like us though they may prefer us to be.

Good luck in Syria! I just read you're going back in your blog too. I spend some time there during last summer's war on Lebanon. People there were so warm to Lebanese they had never met. It was beautiful to see.