Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Mr Bolton, a controversial and blunt-speaking figure, said he was "damned proud of what we did" to prevent an early ceasefire. "


Anonymous said...

Wassim, could I ask you a question?
What do you think about the video showed on Hamas television in which 2 kids are quizzed by the interviewer about their mum, who committed martyrdom?What is your opinion?
Thank you in advance

Maysaloon said...

Haven't seen it.

infinit reality said...

well it is Bolton, American themselves hated them, so no surprise. Bolton the guy who said that he does not respect the United Nation, in his first speech on working there, I do not like the U.N. but I dont work there though...he is an asshole...

Anonymous said...

"because this truce wouldn't be lasting..."
where is the problem?
Would you have preferred that two weeks after the ceasefire fights restarted?
This is the link for the video, if you want to see it.
In west that provoked an avalanche of criticism, and it makes us think about the civilty of the palestinian society...

Anonymous said...

Maysaloon said...

Thanks Patrick, As always your feedback speaks volumes..

I have to say many in Palestinian society also wonder about the civility of the west. I think it is sad that the children are deprived of their mother in this way and at an age when they are innocent of what is being done to them. I know with some who have little understanding or conviction in what is happening there will be deeply shocked, as I might be myself, but you can always get to the root of the problem if you ask the right questions.

The question is, if the Zionists did not come to Palestine, would any of this have happened? I will leave this question to you to ponder. Perhaps think twice before making hasty decisions.

Fielding Mellish said...

This is not a justification for that horrifying video.
I do not think of having little understanding of what is happening there: an alleged resistance does not justify such a video.
Ah, by the way:
I did not make hasty decisions (and I did not express my opinion), I merely stated a fact.
I gave you that video not to be polemic,but only to hear what you would have said about it.
Bye Patrick

Maysaloon said...

I think you've confused my response with a justification which is not what I said.

I know you did not give that video as a form of polemic, but I will tell you why you posted this video. You are not sure how just a Palestinian cause can be when such things happen, or the legitimacy of somebody who says he/she does not believe in Isael's "right to exist". You wanted to hear my opinion, which was that something like this was tragic for what was happening to the children. I'm not entirely sure what facts you were presenting as the video has been widely circulated for propoganda purposes. In the end though, my question to you still stands.