Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dick Cheney announced that any withdrawal of US troops from Iraq will spell the end of the "moderate" Arab countries in the region, reports al-Jazeera(Arabic).

Withdraw US troops from Iraq NOW.


infinit reality said...

it irritate me a lot when I read it first, I was going to write a post about his logic of argument, but since you wrote about it, I am heated again...

he said, if u.s. troops withdraw from Iraq (false premise-he is using reverse psychology of anti-event).
A war might begin in the middle East, because of the Shia,Iran. ( another false premise, because it is not axiom, so it cannot be the second premise, it might be a conclusion)
then this may lead the "moderate regime" in the Middle East to support Sunni fundamentalists,or Saddam insurgents (true premise based on two false premises)

the logic is so off, and it is disgrace that people do not analyze anymore, I am glad that you did, and have as a post...


Maysaloon said...

I assure you I gave it no where near the depth of analysis which you've done at a glance :-) but yes, I second that emotion.

Anonymous said...

Here is a statement of the Iraqi president, Talabani:
Amman, 13 mar (Adnkronos/Dpa)-"Specking frankly, we think that if the American army withdraws its troops, we will witness a Kurdish and Shia domination in Iraq- said Talabani during an interview with Jordan’s “El Rai” newspaper – Hundreds of thousands of trained Shias and Kurdish are ready, and can invade the entire Iraq. We, of the Kurdish province, can dominate Mosul and all the nearby Arab cities in a few hours”

With a immediate withdraw I think that even the slightest appearance of legality and security would disappear in a few hours. Do you really believe US withdraw would bring peace to Iraq?? Maybe some groups of insurgents will stop fighting, but the major groups would start an ever harsher fight to dominate the Iraq.

Anonymous said...

it' clear that the regimes in islamic and arab countries are highly unpopular,they are mukhabaratian states,this is exactly what israel want for the muslims and arabs.