Monday, March 05, 2007

Boycott update

So far so good, my boycott of Starbucks is holding up quite well. It is possible to break free from the shackles of the evil mermaid's empire! I have successfully resisted her wily charms of orange moco frapucino and other such nonsense. I'm also quite pleased I can go into a normal greasy spoon cafe and just ask for a small or large cup of tea. I never understood why they insist on "Tall", "Grande" and some other size category..I just want a large tea... got it?


KJ said...

Excellent! Kill that stupid mermaid! LoooooooL.

I am also a Starbucks survivor :D

Unknown said...

i boycott Starfuckz too :P
thanx for the comments..
and glad to meet you as well..
really beautiful "la" and beautiful "Maysaloon"!

salam from Damascus