Thursday, December 28, 2006

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

What planet is this man on? I have to admit I got a bit worked up and started formulating a response until I realised that Daniel Pipes is Daniel Pipes. He may teach at a University and (absurdly) refers to himself as an analyst of some sort, but he is not interested in knowledge for the sake of knowledge. He is interested in obliterating anyone who is even nominally Muslim or Arab, I'll leave it to the reader to read more of his articles to decide why. Also, most of the comments to this particular article might as well have been written by ex members of the Hitler Youth with comments ranging from controlling local Muslim populations to obliterating the entire religion. Of course no such article and commentary would be complete without the obligatory "expert" opinion on the Arab psyche or the pathologically murderous Muslim doctrines that brainwash children from a young age.

For any of the people I know who are worried about speaking out lest they be ridiculed for their lack of knowledge in the history or the politics of the Arab and Islamic worlds, have no fear. Just go through these sites and feel comfortable knowing that a cursory glance of the World Section in the BBC news website would provide far more credibility to your arguments than these people ever could theirs.

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