Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pierre Gemayal: Minister of Industry, Fascist and....dead, but why?

I'm taking a few minutes away from my coursework to mention something about the killing of Pierre Gemayel, the Lebanese Minister of Industry and member of the Christian (fascist) Phalange movement. From all the indicators and sources I follow, there is nobody who is prepared to believe that Syria is behind this hit. The first thing I always ask when things like this happen is, "Who really stands to benefit...and I mean really". Behind the accusations and veils, there is always somebody who had really benefited and orchestrated such assassinations.

Some points to consider: firstly he is an irrelevant factor in Lebanese politics. True his father and grandfather were Presidents, but he is no such politician. Furthermore, the group he belongs to, the Christian Phalange, is less than a shadow of it's former self and can no longer do damage as it used to during the civil war. Secondly, everything happening in Lebanon is now for the benefit of Hezbullah and Syria, this assassination serves no purpose and causes a ruckus they don't need.

At this stage, it seems to me like Pierre Gemayal has been offered up to the altar as some sacrifice. By whom and for what reasons...we'll know soon enough.

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