Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Mr Hama said: "I saw eight to 12 jets .... There was greenish smoke from the bombs. It was [as] if there was a rotten apple or garlic smell minutes later. People were vomiting ... we were blind and screaming. There was no one to rescue us. Just God." ", "...Mr Hama said he saw a newborn infant die during the bombardment. "The infant was trying to smell life, but he breathed in the chemicals and died," he said, speaking in Kurdish with an Arabic translator."

Saddam didn't even fly a kite to fight the invaders of his country, or liberate Palestine, yet he had 12 jets to kill his own people with chemical weapons. Salah El Din was a Kurd born in the same town as Saddam, Tikrit, and he will forever be remembered as the champion of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Saddam Hussein on the other hand, a thug like many others, will be remembered for getting dragged out of a hole with a pistol (unused) and thousands of US dollars stashed in a suitcase.

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