Tuesday, July 25, 2006

International force in Lebanon

There's been much dilemma over who would send troops for an international force to create a buffer zone in South Lebanon. The problem was how to prevent these troops from being targets themselves as Hezbullah and the Lebanese would see these as occupation forces. Israeli and American policy makers are truly diabolical, as I think they've come up with a possible solution to this dilemma. Egyptian and Turkish troops, Arabs and potentially Muslim, putting Hezbullah in a dilemma.

If this ridiculous plan does indeed go ahead and boots get on the ground so to speak, then this dilemma should not stop Hezbullah. There is still an occupation and pressure must continue to be maintained on Israel's northern border to force their hand in any future negotiations. Any let up would jeapardise the Arab position and the plight of both the Lebanese and the Palestinian people.

Using local forces in place of their own troops is an old trick of imperial powers since the days of Rome. The onus however, must be on the Egyptians and the Turks to recognise that they are being used as cannon fodder and to refuse cooperating with the United States or risk becoming additional targets of Hezbullah.

On another note, why doesn't the inclusion zone cover Northern Israel? It seems the more devastating attacks have originated from the Zionists rather than from Hezbullah, who had been remarkably restrained with their katyushas until Israel began bombing civilians in Lebanon.

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