Monday, July 24, 2006

Hezbullah reteaching a lesson to the Israelis. What is funny is that CNN and the language it uses always confer legitimacy to Israel either directly or indirectly. Al Jazeera and even LBC and Al Moustaqbal television have shown that the Israeli's are suffering massive casualties and have been unable to advance for days onto this key position. Watching Western news sources gives the impression that the Israeli's are about to overrun Lebanon. The reality is that the Hezbullah are well trained, motivated and prepared. They are stopping Israeli advances on the ground and are maintaining their attacks on Israel's northern cities.

As a very good friend of mine told me, when one wishes to kill his opponent, it is out of fear and insecurity, not strength. Israel is lashing out furiously as we've seen these last few days, and yet Hezbullah waits patiently. Not for some ridiculous pan-Arab intervention, but for a ground war where it's fighters can come face to face with their sworn enemy. While the IOF proves it's bravery against civilian men, women and children, Hezbullah are facing down elite Israeli units such as the Golani brigades and ripping them a new one. Did I mention that this was also face to face?

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