Friday, January 09, 2009

A day of anger and protest

You will not see this in Western media. The entire Arab and Muslim world is in uproar today.

After the Friday prayers, crowds set off from one of mosques in the capital towards the main stadium to hear a series of speeches. At the head of the demonstration was the Egyptian Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi

Tens of thousands of people gathered to call for support to Gaza with money, with many placards calling for Jihad.

Lebanese cities and the capital there were activities throughout the Palestinian camps condemning the invasion, some activists held a vigil in front of the United Nations building there.

Tens of thousands of people set off from the Draz area west of the capital, along with Shia and Sunni men of religion as well as Christian religious leaders. 

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians gathered in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and other cities to demonstrate for Gaza, with many donation campaigns taking part.

Tends of thousands of Iraqi's took to the streets throughout the country in support of Gaza and condemning the Israeli aggression

Tens of thousands of people throughout the country continued their protests against the Israeli aggression.

Many protests throughout the cities of the West Bank in an angry day of protest, there were many calls by protests to carry arms in order to face the Israeli invasion.


Lukas said...


jimmy said...

call me a cynical, but as long as the rulers of the calibre of which they currently are, there is absolutely no point in demonstrating.

perhaps the population should work on some other longer term solution!

La Luz said...

Shut up j i m m y and stay home

jimmy said...

Thanks la Mora,

Much as you may not like it, I'm not staying home. I've actually been more productive, and making a bigger difference than the demonstrators: I'm spending my evenings volunteering in a warehouse until midnight, sorting the donations for the gaza people: cloths, food, medication and baby food.

Perhaps it would have made more sense if you engaged in a meaningful discussion instead. In the arab "world" where the population is crushed by dictatorships and primitive so-called democracies, what help does bitching, whining and demonstrating bring?

Isn't it perhaps the time for the population to revert to other, more effective means? what would Marx have recommended for the people to deal with these rotting, corrupted regimes?

La Luz said...

Apologies, and keep up the good work.
For the record, demonstrating brings good. Not in and of itself; rather, it is a part of any protest, any act of solidarity, to raise your voice and publicly say, "I am against." Demonstrating meanwhile gives visibility to the important work you are doing, for instance.
I think we can both learn that it isn't about criticising what other people who are also outraged by the same acts are doing. Rather we should unite and mutually enforce all our efforts against the horror we are witnessing. Wouldn't you agree?

Lirun said...