Sunday, July 08, 2012

So Iran wants a "political solution" in Syria?

OK, I'm going to stop reading the Guardian's CiF pieces for the day. They seem to really be scraping the barrel for commentators in Syria these days. I guess all we need now is to start seeing pieces by Lizzie Phellan or Sharmine Narwani on there. This poor chap thinks, "Iran is trying to broker a political  solution in Syria". This is like saying Nazi Germany was trying to broker a political solution in Republican Spain. He goes on:

Iran, though certainly intent on safeguarding its key regional ally, does not see its fundamental interest in a security crackdown, but rather in reform and serious dialogue between Assad and the opposition.
This is utter nonsense if we remember what was happening in Iran in 2009. The murder of Neda Agha-Sultan by a member of the Basij - Iranian shabiha - tells me everything I need to know about the political solutions that Tehran implements. We've had over fifteen thousand Neda Sultans in Syria for sixteen months now. I feel like I want to cry when I read things like this. Why is such rubbish being given this platform?


Anonymous said...


I think this is not totally wrong.
Iran wish to see Assad implent a political solution to the conflict because if it transform itself in a war situation, where the west will be involved, Teheran will only have 2 choice :
- let syria fight for itself and therefore loose an ally
- fight aside syria, and this imply that Iran become the main target of the conflict.

Teheran does not want this two conclusions, therefore I think they're pushing assad to find a political way to end the conflict.
But this doesn"t bother them to send some revolutionnary gards in SYria to help the syrian army crush the protests that's for sure. but they do not want an internationalisation that's for sure too.

Anonymous said...

strange that you harp on about Iranian influence in Syria, but fall silent with regards to Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Saudi Arabia the exporter reactionary islamic fundamentalism, and the country that opposed all progressive forces in the Middle East.