Monday, September 05, 2011

Syria and Wikileaks

I think the Wikileaks document talking about the slaughter of Islamic fundamentalists in a Syrian prison couldn't have come at a better time. When the Syrian regime and its apologists are busy frightening people about the "Iraq" scenario, nothing could blow their argument out of the water more than allegations that the carnage in Iraq was as much the fault of Syria as it was the United States or Iran. So what else will they come up with now?

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Anonymous said...

Ban-Ki Moon is rewarding the Syrian regime of terror.

Why would Ban-Ki Moon appoint Abdallah Al Dardari as head of development strategy for the Arab World at the UN office in Beirut (UN-ESCWA)? (see UN broadcast below)

Mr. Abdullah al-Dardari has played a leading role in neoliberal reforms implemented in Syria since 2003. Until of late he was the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and, prior to 2005, he was the Head of the State Planning Commission for Syria. The neoliberal reforms he pioneered on behalf of the clique in power, which have taken the Syrian people hostage under the false alibi of confronting Israel, have wrought havoc on the on the population. Under his US/IMF market led reforms, poverty levels rose to the point where life’s basic necessities such food and shelter became an impossibility for the ordinary person. These reforms, which were carried out in line with the IMF recommendations, and hence at the orders of the US and Israel, have structurally weakened Syria as a nation. Hungry, poorly educated and unemployed people cannot represent sturdy foes to Israel’s aggression and occupation and impoverishing Syria is part of the Israel/US Zionist agenda for the Arab world. By posting Mr. Al-Dardari to this high level diplomatic UN job, he is being rewarded for the service he rendered to Israel and the US by Mr. Ban-Ki Moon- the secretary general of the UN, Ms. Rima Khalaf who was a Jordanian minister in the Zionist satellite Kingdom before becoming the under-secretary general of the UN, and the Israelis whose ambitions of draining their Arab enemies by all means possible, including that of starving them, have been duly accomplished by Mr Dardari’s neoliberal market friendly policies.

The appointment of Mr. Dardari to this post is also an acknowledgment by the UN body of the function that the Syrian regime is providing to US and Israeli imperialism by continuing its reign of terror. The regime knows well that if it were to engage in serious democratic reforms and stop the killings that the US and Israel will finish it off. The reign of terror structurally tears down Syria’s defense capabilities by killing away the will to resist in people because the Syrian people will be to frail to fight back while being held hostage to a false rhetoric of resistance by the Syrian tyrannical oligarchs. The Syrian regime is destroying Syria as a healthy social entity and therefore, it is a foremost ally of the US and Israel. So, is it not time to reward its goons, otherwise known as Shabbiha in Arabic, with high UN posts?

The Security Council, which is the foremost UN body, had moved to carpet bomb Libya on the basis of hypothetical claims that Qaddafi will commit genocide against his own population. More than 2000 Syrians have been murdered in cold blood by the Syrian regime, yet one sees no measures being taken to protect the Syrian population. That is because the Syrian regime itself is carrying out what NATO, which is the spearhead of imperialism, would have done to Syria anyways. Why should NATO bomb the Syrians when the Assad regime is doing just that. The imperialists are waiting to demolish Syria as a state once Assad weakens.

Libya’s and, now Syria’s fate, awaits all the Arab states. The storyline will be straightforward: starve the population with neoliberal market policies and then carpet bomb their countries. That is, Mr. Al Dardari will now advise the rest of the Arab world on how to follow the ‘successful’ model of Syria’s market-led development.