Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Despicable Lies

This morning I saw a video of three men who had their brains blown out. They had been trying to smuggle tins of food. The man filming them was making fun of them, making fun of the fact that they were trying to hide cans of food with them. He was speaking whilst holding the camera phone as if this was all a joke. But none of this ever happened. The man filming all this was never there, the dead men with their brains blown out of their skulls have no names, because they do not exist. I did not even watch this film, because I don't know who I am so how can I know that it was me who was ever watching it in the first place? That's the liar, he is so manipulative that he is trying to get me to doubt myself. To get into my head so that I can never even formulate a thought, let alone act upon it.

I tell the liar that he is a liar, he says he is not a liar. I say "there you go! You are a liar". But the liar looks at me, smiling cruelly, and says, "I am not a liar".

I want to hold a gun up to his head and shoot him. When I pull the trigger, his skull fragments into a million pieces. But those pieces grow into more liars. The more I shoot, the more of them there are. They keep smiling that horrible smile. I know why they are smiling, it is because they are never going anywhere. They are going to stay right there on my chest, suffocating me, stepping on my face with their heels as they grit their teeth in satisfaction. I am being buried in lies as they attack me, burying me beneath them.

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