Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Announcement

Rejoice, for you are in a land where you are free to do anything except pursue the truth. This is a land where you must fear the truth, where you will be crushed not for telling a lie, but for telling the truth.

If you tell us lies, we will lay garlands upon your head, and perfume you. We will give you honours, title and lands. You will be praised and respected. But if you tell the truth, we will place upon your head a crown of thorns and crucify you. You will be rejected and ridiculed, shunned by all. We will send our children after you in the streets, where they will insult you and throw stones upon you. Our women will put burning bushes in your path wherever you walk.

Do not call for your god, there is no god here. We killed him a long time ago with our lies. So if you will worship, worship the Lie. That is all that we will allow.

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