Monday, May 23, 2011

The Terror of Being a Moral Human Being

It is often said that finding the truth is a difficult, if not impossible, thing to achieve. That there is so much confusion and misinformation shrouding everything that it is simply not worth the effort to try the truth. The people who rest comfortably behind such a veil of cynicism can only be referred to as cowards. It is not impossible, nor is it difficult to find the truth. No, what terrifies the coward is following the truth, staring at it in all its terrible beauty, and freeing themselves through it, with it.

When the entire population of a country decides to put its head in the sand rather than stare at the ugly truth, when these same people wilfully choose to ignore murder, oppression and death on a mass scale, what kind of a claim to morality can they ever make? None whatsoever. A mother raises her child to never lie, to never steal and to never cheat. Yet incredibly, she also expects her child to grow up living a lie, to accept that her entire country has been stolen, and to be cheated out of a future. The child grows up living a lie, becoming a lie. This way, the entire god-damn country has become a lie.


MJ said...

True. Thats why those cowards that will read this wont agree with it and will keep on looking the other way

Devil's Mind said...

Good post. Agreed.