Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I was going for my daily jog today I noticed something in the mirror which made me pause for a moment. Grey hairs, lots of them. This is the first time I'd noticed how different I looked, how time has passed so quickly. Sometimes it feels like there was a net that swept away everybody I knew, but it missed me. Why?

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Stagnate, default, inflate—they all seem equally grim. The best solution for rich countries is to work off their debts through economic growth. That may be harder for some than for others, given that many countries’ workforces are set to level out or shrink as their populations age. It will be all the more important for such countries to pursue structural reforms that will increase productivity.

But outgrowing debt is not easy: the McKinsey study found that, out of 32 cases of deleveraging following a financial crisis that it examined, only one was driven by growth. America, which has a younger workforce than Europe or Japan, might still manage it. But for many other countries the hole they have dug for themselves may already be too deep.

Source: The Economist

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