Friday, January 01, 2010

A dream

One day I will buy a piece of land back home in Syria. I will work hard on it and plant orchards with peach, plum, apple, olive and fig trees. There will be a simple bungalow on it, with a place for people to sit in the evenings. There will be jasmine and roses, and a small water fountain to trickle in the background, and where we can put a watermelon to cool whilst we drink tea and talk or sing. There would be a daughter, I will call her Layla, and I will carry her on my shoulders through the orchards and pluck her one of the peaches or plums, telling her stories of what her daddy has seen and learnt in his life. I'll make sure she wears a hat because the sun might be beating strongly.


poshlemon said...

The imagery is beautiful. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and tried to imagine it all. I even smelled the apples and saw your daughter... Her locks were hanging from underneath the hat.

Happy new year :)

qunfuz said...

but that's my imaginary home!

... is blogspot allowed in Syria these days? (there's the rub)

Anonymous said...

Your words brought many many beautiful memories to my mind now!..You made me remember my dad-God bless his soul with mercy-..Amen
Oh,Ya Allah,how much I miss him and the pure love from the heart which I never found after he passed away..