Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Israeli's are blowing their own trumpet: Excellent intel on Gaza shows Israel learned from its errors in Lebanon

For the patient, the truth lies in the last paragraph:

However, it is dangerous and premature to boast of intelligence achievements. The longer the war, the lower the chance of continued intelligence successes. And at this stage of the fighting, it is not yet clear how close Israel is to rendering a significant blow to Hamas' strategic capabilities. During the past week, Hamas has fired between 30 and 40 rockets every day. This testifies that the organization is succeeding in maintaining its steady launching capability. The fact that its leadership has ducked underground and it fighters are in no hurry to engage in hand-to-hand fighting with the IDF does not necessarily mean they are in "a state of shock" from the fierceness of the IDF response, as Military Intelligence head Amos Yadlin assessed at a cabinet meeting this week. It is possible that, in fact, this was a well-calculated decision by the guerrilla organization to preserve its leadership and its military capabilities for the crucial confrontation - or for "the day after." 

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Anonymous said...

Ironic and not true, no comparison between Lebanon and Gaza. In geography and organization of the resistance force. this is absurd, Israeli as usual full of it.