Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Queen Youtube

What a joke: "I want people to know the real Arab world – to see it unedited, unscripted and unfiltered – to see the personal side of my region and to know the places, faces, rituals and cultures that shape the place that I call home."


sasa said...

Oh please. Geri Halliwell has done more for women's rights than her. She is hijacking feminism for her own shallow ends.

Lirun said...

she is a remarkable woman.. she is articulate and engaging..

dont be so quick to cut some down just because they can retain an audience better than you can..

tall poppy syndrome is very uncool..

sasa said...

Jean Marie le Pen is also quite engaging. That doesn't mean he's not a vile character.

Perhaps if you knew about this woman you wouldn't be so quick to support her. She defends women's rights, while her husband chops away at every law supporting women.

It's about as convincing as Laura Bush launching a stop the war campaign.

I suggest you read black-iris.com (and bear in mind he is fairly pro-King).

Ali Dahmash said...

I have met the Queen, and she is doing alot for Jordan and Im not pro anything in this Arab World! She is doing her best to improve Children's and womens life in Jordan but this is still a long way ahead as for honor kiling, the change must change from home and the way we raise our men in Jordan. I would say she spends alot on her clothes but hey she looks darn good and Charasmatic