Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Eid? You must be kidding me...

Sheikh Ra'ed Salah (رائد صلاح), the leader of the Islamic Movement in the lands of Palestine '48, has called for the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries to come and spend Eid al Adha this year in Gaza. I've been listening to an audio book of Amin Maalouf's book "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" and it gives a fascinating insight into the state of the Islamic world at the time of this onslaught. Petty squabbles, infighting, bickering and betrayal marked the behaviour of the Arab and Turkish princes. The fall of Antioch was due to a man disgruntled for a severe fine imposed on him for manipulating prices whilst the city was under seige. Jerusalem fell even though it was obvious that the marauding crusaders were after it all along, Tripoli's Qadi watched helplessly as time was wasted whilst his city fell after a long seige. Damascus itself was saved only in the last minute from being handed over by the Batini's to the Franj. Anyone who reads the history of the Andalus sees the exact same behaviour from the "Kings of the factions" (ملوك الطوائف). Still, in the darkest moments when all appeared lost, the Muslim's still managed to pull together at critical moments to prove that the Franj could be resisted and the occupation ended. I do hope the lessons of this time are learnt and not just forgotten again once the Zionists are thrown back to where they came from.

Some more on the situation in Gaza, not that any of this is news but it is good to remind. This is Zionism:

Electricity supplies are on for eight hours a day. 120,000 people have not had water for a week. They are cooking with wood in high rise apartments, which is an obvious fire risk.
UNRWA has not built any houses for the growing refugee population because sand and gravel cannot be brought into the territory. Children are going to school in shifts because of the lack of teachers. Some are falling asleep at their desks because there isn’t enough food at home, so the UN has introduced a feeding programme for them at school. When they go home, they have to study by candlelight.

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