Friday, August 08, 2008

Europe can have Kosovo, but Georgia (perhaps South Ossetia is the start) is the price...I don't usually comment on issues outside the Arab world but I smiled when I read the Georgian president's appeal:

Russia is fighting a war with us in our own territory. It's not about Georgia any more. It's about America, its values. We are a freedom-loving nation that is right now under attack.

To quote from everyones favourite gangster film "Don't ever take sides against the family again."

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qunfuz said...

Reuters report on UN discussions:

Khalilzad also accused Russia of preventing the withdrawal of Georgian forces from South Ossetia to prolong the conflict and prevent Georgia from laying down its arms.

"Since Russia is impeding Georgian forces from withdrawing, rejecting a cease-fire and continuing to carry out military attacks against civilian centers, its claims of a humanitarian purpose clearly are not credible," Khalilzad said.

Churkin reacted angrily at the suggestion that Russia was guilty of terrorizing Georgians.

"This statement, ambassador, is completely unacceptable, particularly from the lips of the permanent representative of a country whose actions we are aware of, including with regard to the civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan and Serbia," Churkin told the council.

"Whatever your policy might be, please do not undertake propaganda within the Security Council."

Churkin also accused the United States of military collusion with Georgia, saying Moscow knew very well that there was a large number of U.S. military advisers there. He said he hoped Washington did not give a "green light" for the Georgian invasion that sparked the conflict.