Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm going out on a limb here but I have to say what I think about this. It is not about any stupid troop surge, it has always been a deal between Iran and the United States. Don't these people in the news, who themselves reported the "meetings" between Iranian officials and American officials, not notice that this 'surge' and the decreased level of violence against occupation troops start after these meetings? That the rhetoric surrounding war with Iran and nuclear weapons went down considerably afterwards? I think my long stay in the United Kingdom has caused me to be infected with that most European of diseases, comparing everything with something in World War II, because I can't help thinking that Iraq has become the Poland of the Middle East...which makes me angry to say the least.


qunfuz said...

Hmmm - To an extent what you say is true, Wassim, but I think only to an extent. I think the fundamental problem is that the Iraqis for a variety of reasons failed to build an intelligent political resistance which could unify the sects and ethnicities against the occupation. I blame, first and foremost, al-Qa'ida and similar Wahhabi groups. When these people took over Sunni areas they turned them into Talibanland. People were whipped for having 'unislamic haircuts', people were forbidden to remove mutilated bodies from the street, etc. Because of this, and because of the horrific bombings against Shia civilians which provoked Shia revenge, the Sunnis turned against al-Qa'ida. Now the Sunnis are fighting amongst themselves, often working with the Americans against their more immediate enemy. Most American casualties were inflicted by Sunni groups who were not supported by Iran, and in areas where Iran has minimal influence, so Iranian agreements with America would not affect these groups or areas.

Likewise, the Shia are squabbling for power, the Badr militia versus the Sadrists. Exhaustion and poverty plays a role. The (Sunni) pro-American Sahwa militias are paid a wage by the Americans, ironically, as some of these same people were previously targetting Shia police on the pretext that they were working for the Americans.

I'm not saying it's the moral fault of the Iraqis, who have been through decades of war, sanctions, dictatorship and occupation. But I am saying the failure of the Iraqi resistance is our fault in general. It is Arab backwardness and division that allows the empire to occupy. Qabbani wrote, abbout the 67 defeat, "they crept through our weaknesses like ants."

G.Gar said...

Qunfuz us rally a secatrian Irania( there is o way he could be anything but an iran)

Anyway dude we- the Arabs got over the symtoms of 1967 when Ira with Egyptian help brought down the Ayatollah Khomeini on his knees and sipped him poison while having Iran totally defeated and humilated with the roads to Tahran open.

Now the Iranians found their chance to settle their score with Arabs through the covert alliance with Americans. ( Itla3aat, badr brigades and Iranian iraqis) it was the Iranian intelleigence that stopped resistance by forcing th fighters to direct their efforts towards protecting the civilians from the Iranian death squads which were liquadating all secyulars pan-Arabists and patriotic Iraqis and anyone who a role in th humilating shattering defeat of Iran in 1988.

qunfuz said...

Amre - You are insane. Really. You should seek help. And if you aren't insane, but I think you are, then you're the least pleasant person I've ever come across. You're a racist and a fantasist. I've already responded to your idiocy here:

qunfuz said...

And how dare you call me a sectarian. I am against sectarianism 100%. You are a foul sectarian hater. You are the sign and symbol of Arab backwardness, but I'm glad to say you aren't representative of most Arabs. In Egypt I found most people loved Hizbullah for instance. I won't respond to your usual charge that I'm Iranian. It so happens that I'm not, but I'm not at all insulted to be called Iranian. Great country. Lovely people. Now shut up, you Swedish worm.

G.Gar said...

Qunfuz if you ever dare to come to Egypt let me see you in person.

You are the reason why Arabs are so retarded. There is no hope for this nation, unless your likes are wiped off the face of the globe.

Please come to egypt and bring yor iranian chador wearing wfe with you. Am sure both of you will have pleasant time.

qunfuz said...

Wassim - Just to let you know what kind of person this is posting on your blog, this is the second time that this deranged fascist has threatened me. Last time it was a little more explicit - he threatened to beat me up if he saw me in Egypt. I've been to Egypt twice and will return. It's a lovely place full of people who say "Nowart al-makan, akhi!" Not scum like this.

G.Gar said...

you are shamless bastard in denial. It is you who has strted the use of dity words like the typical Iranian sel out you are.

Please come back to Egypt. Just let me see you. you will go back home in a chdor with a pic of Khomeini stuck up yours.