Friday, May 16, 2008

I watch BBC news and see a dour looking American Admiral tell the reporter that her country has a lot to give and are just waiting for the go ahead. The setting is an aircraft carrier just off the coast of Burma and the tone is critical of the Burmese government for refusing authorisation for foreign countries to drop aid. As usual, the United States is at the forefront of demonstrating their commitment to humanitarian efforts world wide, especially in resource rich countries which might be useful later. Ironic that none of this arrogance or power was available in New Orleans, where people were killing each other for fresh drinking water, yet here was a battleship that, the BBC's reporter claimed, was capable of generating x tonnes of fresh drinking water a day. Incidentally, has anyone noticed how well organised and handled the effects of the earthquake in China have been? Again, contrast that with New Orleans which, I imagine, was a walk in the park to the devastation in China today. Say hello to the up and coming super power.

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