Monday, April 07, 2008

There was outrage, protest and disruption in London this weekend over ......Tibet. If you're still wearing your "Save Darfur" rubber band then you are sooo last year (picture pinched off the Independent).


Nicolas said...

All these actions are so widespread in locations and forms of expression that they must be coordinated. On the other hand they are not professional enough that I would suspect outside interests (a la "Orange Revolutions" Serbia/Ukraine/Georgia...) or organizational support.
Did anyone do some research about organizational structures, funding ect of the Tibetan resistance?
(and I'm talking Richard Gear, Sharon Stone ect...)

Nicolas said...

"(and I'm NOT talking Richard Gear, Sharon Stone ect...)"

yaman said...

I don't think it's necessary to demean other resistance movements.

Lirun said...

i dont think so either but i think it would be nice if supporting a cause was more than just a fad..

yaman said...

It's probably not a fad for people from that country who are putting these protests together.

Wassim said...

I'm really surprised that you feel that way Yaman and also feel you are being far too generous with the term "resistance movement" for what is actually a farce.

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