Monday, January 14, 2008

"...this is because keffiyehs have become what the young kids call "trendy", particularly so in the past few months. Isn't that just the jolliest thing you have ever heard?"


poshlemon said...

Good one!

When I first got to London, I saw everybody with the keffiyeh and I saw the keffiyeh in more than 10 different colors. I thought wow. There's some support! Eventually, I realized that more than half of the people, mainly young, don't even know the origins of the keffiyeh. To them, it's just a fashion statement. I wonder if they knew its origins whether they'd still wear it. hmmm!

I think it is only in politically active spheres, such as SOAS known for its pro-Arab/Palestinian base, that people wearing the keffiyeh are more than just making a fashion statement.

مترجم سوري said...

it's disgusting that such a rebllious icon used for fashion purposes!

Lirun said...

was at a concert in east jerusalem in the palestinian national theatre yesterday - there were heaps of people wearing them.. mostly young people.. in different colours.. and interestingly a lot of them belonged to a dialog based peace movement..