Saturday, November 03, 2007

The suspense is over, we can all relax now. Mubarak has been re-elected as head of the National Democratic Party of Egypt. This is why I think American and European politicians are rubbish. Our politicians in the Arab world are so good that they keep winning elections until they die. In fact, their children and childrens children continue to be elected because unlike other humans, wily politics and wisdom is genetically inherited. Notice the savvy and street cool of Gamal Mubarak and you will know why.


saint said...

It seems that in this backward Middle East, no one in power believes of the important of renewal. They do not care about renewal because their narrow minds telling them that holding power is more important for them than the country well-being. They want to keep the status-quo over any cost. One hundred year from now we will look back and find that the best years and best times of improvement and achievement were the colonial time. In Syria, 50 years of independence we still find the best planning, best structures; best minds are the one which structured under the colonial time. Feel sorry to say that, but it is the truth and there is something fundamentally wrong in our lives. The most important fact that these nationlists, the values, respect and intellegent are not in their heads. They are not looking around to see how China, Koria, or India are doing they have no vision.

Maysaloon said...

I'm sorry saint but I have to say you've just made a big big mistake. I don't agree with your interpretation, let's put it that way.