Saturday, November 03, 2007

The game is up for Musharraf. Earlier this evening I was subjected to the spectacle of the ruler of a supposedly sovereign country trying to blame everyone and everything apart from himself for the mess the country was in. Excuse me but were you not in complete control for the past seven years? This is the first sign that he is not in control anymore. His arguments and excuses were weak, his beseeching of the Americans for "more time" so that his people could "learn" democracy and "human rights" was pathetic. It is also sad when the president of a country cannot give arguably the most important speech of his life in his own language without using English words in between the sentences because he cannot express himself otherwise. Even King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had the dignity of speaking only his own language throughout his stay in the United Kingdom (I understand he speaks English very well).

If I was Musharraf, I would be packing my family and self onto the quickest plane out of there. His time is up. He was finished since the seige on the Red Mosque reached its bloody conclusion.


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