Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Islamic scholars have now found solutions to all our worldly problems and can now focus on the really heady issues facing many Muslims including myself as you can imagine:

"Islamic scholars produce guide to praying at 17,000mph"

I look forward to their next installment, "Scuba diving and Wudu: A practical guide by Sheikh Tahseen Trumfesheh"

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qunfuz said...

I thought it was a shame that the Guardian reported this story through the lens of 'Muslims being ridiculous again' - but it's easy for them and goes down well with a lot of their readers. Have you seen 'The Lizard' or 'Marmoulak' - a highly recommended but hard-to-find Iranian film which satirises the state religion but portrays the humanising potential of Islam. There's a funny scene in that film in which a student follows a mullah around asking him about the rules of prayer in space.