Monday, June 18, 2007

What shall we bet that the United States, Israel and the European Union are now absolutely thrilled with the schism in the Palestinian government? They now have Hamas isolated in the Gaza strip while their favourite poodle Abbas now runs the West Bank. The news media is already shaping future frameworks for discussion and perception with Haniyah's replacement being touted as a "much respected economist". So a government of "moderates" is now going to be setup and, with Western assistance, will be touted as a model of good governance and economic development thanks to the immense funding it will receive. The entire Palestinian population of Gaza will be left to rot in degrading conditions, ostensibly Hamas will be blamed for radicalising them and for the condition they are in.

The White Man doesn't kill people. He just cuts off their food, water, electricity, and even air. It's not his problem they are dying if they won't surrender to him.


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