Friday, March 23, 2007

Dr Azmi Bishara

A big thank you to Sham from Decentering Damascus for introducing me to the writings of Dr. Azmi Bishara. This man has a fantastic mind and I thoroughly recommend you read his articles which are now available in one place. I'll be following his news closely in the future. Interestingly I almost had the opportunity to meet him once through some friends I knew, though I remember being vaguely uneasy about such a meeting. Unfortunately he had to cancel his trip to London, I think in 2004 [Samer I need to speak to your Dad NOW].


Unknown said...

you are so welcome :-)
i'm really glad you liked him..
i met him too, in Beirut, i was too shy to say hello..
he's one of those men, if you know what i mean :P

Maysaloon said...

I guess I do a little, aww...