Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tribute to Homus

Homus...the treasure and jewel of Arab quisine I salute thee!

Homusology: the science of analysing political events while eating Homus, resulting in a much deeper and profound understanding of all implications. Most commonly practiced amongst Arab students studying anything to do with politics. Not to be confused with Homusophical, the state of one who is deeply thinking about philosophy while ingesting this edible gold.

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Blonde Arabist said...

May I say also by non-Arab students studying Arabic and its off-shoots, including its Politics and Literature - but most importantly - and pompously - in Arabic. Makes us better than all those politics students who do a course in Arab politics and think their word is as holy as the Gospels. Being Humosophical and the study of Homusology are almost daily parts of my life :)