Thursday, January 18, 2007

Don't cry for me Israel..

Dan Halutz has been forced to resign from his post over the conduct of his army in its war against Lebanon though it has never been officially called a defeat. I find it ironic that he is getting the sack for something which he has been trained to do and been practicing in the '67 Occupied territories. If it worked for against the Palestinians and even the Lebanese in the '80s why not today? No...Halutz did not make mistakes in what he was trying to do. He did all the right things, killing civilians, bombing their cities and flattening their villages. His forced resignation is, in my opinion, a collective attempt to deflect real questions regarding Israel's diminishing military capability when faced with a determined and well armed guerilla movement. If they couldn't defeat Hezbullah in a few villages, what can they do against bigger opponents? The myth appears to be dispersing...

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