Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My attention span instantly glazes over and I get an instant feeling of disdain and nausea when I spot any book, non-profit organisation or course title contains the word "peace" and "studies" in the same sentence. The sensation is magnified with phrases such as "conflict resolution" or "development policies". It's not because I'm a heartless warmonger, far from it, but frankly the root causes behind most problems are quite visible and clear. Discourse such as the above is simply a way of playing with words so that the aggressor (and usually stronger) party is absolved of guilt and allowed to get away with what it has done (referred to as painful compromise), while the weaker is made to accept the status quo and even like it, usually referred to as a 'courageous position'. This is what my brain translates whenever mine eyes gaze upon the above mentioned words...may they never be uttered in polite conversation again.

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