Sunday, December 31, 2006

Google Earth

Perusing through Google Earth, an excellent program that wastes lot of time if used at work, imagine my surprise when, looking over the Occupied territories and Syrian Jolan heights, I noticed several interesting things. Apart from the fact that somebody in Google is a hardcore closet Zionist that is. Firstly, Lake Tabarayah is firmly included within Israels border line (just about) and not included in what Google show as the Occupied Jolan heights. The Syrian border is at Lake Tabarayah, not behind it. Secondly, Jerusalem is written in its Hebrew pronunciation instead of its name al Quds and most surprisingly, is marked as the capital of Israel. I intend to follow this through with Google and have them mark that at least this information is disputable. If it is a careless error then no problem, but quite worrying if it is deliberate.

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