Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Libyan court case regading the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor has been simmering for over 5 years and finally it appears that the accused may not be executed after all. In an act of magnanimity and generosity, Saif al-Islam (son of Colonel Qaddafi) has pushed the matter into a new direction. "The case went in the wrong direction from the very beginning. There were many manipulations in the original files, many errors ... This is why we should seek a compromise,". If anybody though there is no justice in Libya, this will surely leave them eating their words. All that is required is that the son of a revolutionary Islamic leader of the Arab world intercede on your behalf to ingratiate himself with the West and appear as a "moderate"; thus passing the required test for a future career as local despot and Imperialism-basher. He has already encouraged other developments such as e-democracy which must surely solidify his credentials as a forward looking leader for the Libyan people. Saif al-Islam is now geared to be the next ruler of the Jammahiriya, may his reign be blessed and long as his fathers before him. It is unclear at this stage whether he shares the King of Jordan's passion for the Sony Playstation 2.

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